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Digital Crafting Events: Workshops

Workshops precede the seminar giving hands-on practical knowledge and access to the toolsets involved in the topic. These tools are both digital and crafts oriented. The workshop are structured around the invitation of a guest researcher that introduces a given technique and technology to the network allowing the network participants immersion in a given set of research questions, techniques, computational problems and tools.

Workshop 1 – Parametric Design / Encoded Behaviour
Workshop 2 – Wood construction
Workshop 3 – Concrete and CNC
Workshop 4 – Generative Logics
Workshop 5 – Textile logic

Digital Crafting Events: Seminars

Seminar sits at the end of workshops and allow a theoretical framing of the event. The seminar holds talks by the guest researcher, the network participants and other interested parties. The seminar includes presentations of the partners’ and guest researcher’s existing research inquiries, active participation with assignments given up for discussion in focus groups and ends with a reflective discussion in respect to the overall aims and objectives of the Digital Crafting bid.

Seminar 0 – Parametric Design in Practice
Seminar 1 – Parametric Design – Encoded Behaviour
Seminar 2 – The ideal of the tectonic: The tectonics of the joint
Seminar 3 – [...]

Workshop 2: Wood construction

Date: Spring semester 29.-30. March 2010

Consequences of digital fabrication on wood constructions are investigated in this workshop. A focus is set on the logic of the joint. The starting point of our discussion will be a universal model interpreting a workpiece’s production process as flows of matter, energy and information. Implementing this method, we will look into history of technology to find relations between contemporary production technology and the respective joinery in timber construction. This retrospect will be backed up with examples of manual workmanship, industrial interchangeability and individual digital fabrication, including recent work by the workshop guest. Departing form [...]

Seminar 2: the ideal of the tectonic: The tectonics of the joint

Date: Spring semester 2010: 31.March. 2010

The seminar introduces key thinking into material conceptualisation in architectural thinking. It discusses the history of the term craft and what this has come to mean through the industrialisation of building practice. It critically reflects on the idea of optimisation and situates the discussion of technological development within a historical frame work.

Architects such as Antoni Gaudi and Frei Otto developed analogue models that allowed for processes of intuitive form finding linked to structural analysis allowing novel designs. Digital parametric models are different to the early parametric models in that they are abstracted and [...]

Workshop2: zip_shape

SchindlerSalmern are the inventors of the zip_shape a novel way of defining a curved surface.

We use Grasshopper to develop the geometry. - Topology optimized prototype finished

The topology optimized prototype is now finished, and it will be revealed this Friday 11.00 at Paschal –Danmark, Ejby Inustrivej 122, 2600 Glostrup.

The prototype is designed via topology optimization techniques, and produced via large scale CNC-milling at Danish Institute of Technology.

Via the topology optimization procedure, material has been removed from inactive areas, leaving a complex, doubly curved geometry, that reveals the imbedded structural forces.

We warmly welcome you to participate in the opening event – hot and cold refreshments will be provided by Paschal.

The research is illustrated on this site, .

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