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Aurélie Mossé


affiliation:     CITA Centre for IT and Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fines Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Copenhagen/ TFRC, Textile Futures Research Centre, University of the Arts, London

Aurélie is a textile designer and researcher working with responsive materials and digital technologies. She is currently about to complete a PhD in Tectonic Textiles at  CITA,  in collaboration with TFRC under the supervision of Carole Collet and Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen. Sitting at the intersection of textile design, architecture and smart technologies, her research is practice-based and design-led. It investigates how the design of self-actuated textiles can contribute to a domestic culture in which technology cultivates a relationship of interconnectivity with nature, with a specific focus on the design of three-dimensional dynamic textiles based on electro-active and light-responsive polymers. This interdisciplinary investigation has resulted in various collaborations with architects and material scientists in the field of electro-active and light responsive polymers as well as with the Philip Design Probes team, Eindhoven, Netherlands. She holds a MA in Design for Textile Futures from Central St Martins, London. She is also a founding member of the London-based textile design lab Puff &Flock.


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