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Workshop 1: Parametric Design: Encoded Behaviour

February 8-9 2010

Parametric design introduces a new depth into architectural design. Where architectural design traditionally takes place within the absolute extensions of a projective geometry, parametric design tools enables the construction of variable geometries. Here, design is fundamentally understood as relational, and geometry defined through relative measures that have the potential to change asdesign information is altered. This shift allows the thinking of performative models, where the design can be continually tested, evaluated and changed within a structure of constraints, variables and parameters.
Within the workshop we will measure and then encode material behaviour within a parametric model as a means to explore the interrelationship between different kinds of performance in the design of a component system. Here properties of material and the complex behaviour of composite elements can be taken into account and engaged in the design.

The workshop asks:
-How can the variable and the modifiable be incorporated into architectural design?
-What are means to include complex behaviour of composite elements and structures in an early design phase?
-What are the consequences for the way we develop spatial, structural and material solutions?

Workshopguest: Paul Nicholas

Paul Nicholas holds a PhD in Architecture from the RMITUniversity, MelbourneAustralia. Paul’s research interest is in the potential for computational tools to intersect architectural and engineering design thinking, facilitating new and otherwise unavailable modes of interaction and collaboration. His academic and practice-based work explores this topic in the areas of generative performance-based design, fabrication-based design and the development of low-resolution tools for trans-disciplinary design collaboration. Paul co-founded mesne in 2005 with Tim Schork, and has exhibited in recent Beijing and Venice Biennales. He currently lives and works in London

more information: DA_Workshop01Seminar03_Program

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