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Exhibition "Material Equilibria - Variegated surface structures”

The ggggallery at Sølvgade 5 in Copenhagen invites to the exhibition “Material Equilibria – Variegated surface structures”. It is the 4th. exhibition in a series of exhibitions in the gallery space , which explore visionary movements within architecture at the intersection of experiment and technology. The Material Equilibria installation took its  departure in the 5th workshop of the DigitalCrafting network and is a part of a larger body of research focusing on the development of computational design methodologies and techniques which enable the generation of self-structured spatial forms through the generation of informed material behaviors.

The exhibition is open for everyone. So please join us and bring your friends.

Date:   Friday – August  17th.
Time:   17-21
Place:  ggggallery™ – Sølvgade 5, Copenhagen

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Sean Ahlquist, Bum Suk Ko, Prof. Achim Menges (ICD, Stuttgart University).
Ali Tabatbai (ggggallery), Bettina Wörner (Walter Wörner GmbH & Co KG), Helene Jensen (Design- skolen Kolding), Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen (CITA, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts), Julian Lienhard (ITKE, Stuttgart University).

Special thanks to:
Sean Ahlquist, Prof. Achim Menges (ICD, Stuttgart University), Prof. Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen (CITA, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) and Digital Crafting Network.

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