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Felecia Davis


Affiliation:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
The School of Architecture and Planning – Design and Computation Group

Felecia Davis is a PhD candidate in the Design and Computation Group at MIT.  She has been trained as an architect at Princeton University, and engineer at Tuft University  and has been exploring intersections between architecture and textiles to design soft buildings that use the pliability of fabrics.  Tents and more recently pneumatic structures, where the fabric is held in tension have a tradition and history within the realm of providing human shelter and creating space.  However, less common are strategies that could use textiles not only in tension but also in compression depending upon what state is called for at any particular time.  In addition to these structural considerations, textiles offer the potential to not only construct at the level of the fabric itself, one can also develop the stitch or structure and the blend of material in the fibers that expand and  reshape  how we conceive of buildings and ways of living.

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