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Isak Worre Foged


affiliation: Institute of Aalborg University – Architecture, Design & Media Technology

Isak Worre Foged is MSc.Eng.Arch. from the Institute of Architecture & Design (A&D), Aalborg University and M.Arch. from the EsArq, UIC, a licensed architect, MAA and a licensed civilengineer, IDA.

He is a PhD Fellow at A&D and member of the Research Group for Sustainable Architectures and the Utzon Research Center. His research is entitled ‘Environmental Tectonics: Matter Based Architectural Computation’ investigating and creating environmental morphogenetic and adaptive design methods and models.

Isak is the co-founder of the research based architectural practice AREA, located in Copenhagen, seeking to apply above research […]

Anke Pasold


affiliation: AREA

Anke Pasold, Dipl.-Des. in architecture and interdisciplinary design from CoFA/UNSW in Sydney, the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and the School of Media and Design (ZKM) Karlsruhe and M.Arch. in ‘Genetic Architectures’ from the EsArq, UIC, Barcelona, is currently lecturer and tutor at IHK and KEA in Copenhagen with a focus on the implementation of digital design.

Anke is the co-founder of the research based architectural practice AREA, which explores material properties, design methods, generative systems, and techniques with performative environmental architectures as results.

Her design research and projects have been published internationally in Scandinavia, Europe and the US.

Felecia Davis


Affiliation:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
The School of Architecture and Planning – Design and Computation Group

Felecia Davis is a PhD candidate in the Design and Computation Group at MIT.  She has been trained as an architect at Princeton University, and engineer at Tuft University  and has been exploring intersections between architecture and textiles to design soft buildings that use the pliability of fabrics.  Tents and more recently pneumatic structures, where the fabric is held in tension have a tradition and history within the realm of providing human shelter and creating space.  However, less common are strategies that could use […]

Oded Amir

Affiliation: DTU – Technical University of Denmark – PhD, MSc



Oded Amir is a researcher at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. He is educated as a structural engineer from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and holds a PhD degree from the Technical University of Denmark. His research is in the field of topology optimization, where he wishes to promote applications in civil engineering. His current work is focused on studying and developing computational procedures for optimal design of reinforced concrete structures, under the framework of the project: “Topology Optimization for Reinforced Concrete Structures: […]