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Julian Lienhard

Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design, Stuttgart […]

Johan Bettum

affiliation: Städelschule, Frankfurt


Johan Bettum is a professor of architecture and the program director of the Städelschule Architecture Class. He has taught and lectured at the AA, UCLA, the Berlage Institute, Innsbruck University, the EPFL in Lausanne and Oslo School of Architecture.

Bettum studied at the Architectural Association after gaining a Bachelor of Arts with a major in biology from Princeton University. His main interests reside in the intersection between materials, geometry and advanced digital modelling. From 1998 to 2002, Bettum was a research fellow at the Oslo School of Architecture and headed a nationally funded research project on polymer composite […]

Sean Ahlquist

affiliation: Institute for Computational Design at the University of  Stuttgart

Sean Ahlquist is the founder of Proces2, and currently a Research Associate and PhD Candidate of the Institute for Computational Design at the University of  Stuttgart. Ahlquist holds a Masters of Architecture degree from the Architectural Association in London – Emergent Design and Technologies Programme. His work spans both practice and theory. He has taught at UC Berkeley, California College of the Arts, and the AA. He has published, lectured and led workshops widely on computational design and fabrication techniques, including a forthcoming book entitled Computational Design Thinking, co-edited with […]

joy boutrup

affiliation: Designschool Kolding


Textile engineer and expert in textile chemistry from Fachhochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld, Germany. She has worked in research at Textilforschungszentrum Nordwest in Krefeld and lectured in a tenure position at The Danish Design School. She is former head of Textile, Paper and Leather Conservation at the National Museum of Denmark. Currently she holds a part-time position as associate professor at Kolding School of Design combined with extensive lecturing activities all over the world.

Joy Boutrup -Scales of Performance: fibres, yarns and textiles from CITA on Vimeo.

Workshop 5: Complex membranes and the variegated material

Workshop: How to Brace
Autumn Semester 2011: August 22 – 24. 2011
The workshop investigates the intersections between textiles design and architecture. Textiles design is a form of material design. Forming the textile structure and composing different yarns enables the fabrication of highly specialised materials designed in respect to the performance and use. Developing our own bespoke complex structured and materially variegated textiles the workshop asks how the tradition of working with textile membranes can be considered in respect to architecturally designed engineered materials.
The workshop guest is Sean Ahlquist.

Research question
Digital tools allow us a new scale of material address in order to […]

Seminar 5: Textiles and Fibre Based Materials in Architectural Constructio

Dates: August 2010     11.00 – 16.30
Venue: Designskolen Kolding, Ågade 10, Kolding, 1. Sal i auditorie 1.4


Joy Boutrup: Scales of Performance: fibres, yarns and textiles
Johan Bettum: The Material Geometry of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
Julian Lienhard: Bending Active Membrane Structures
Sean Ahlquist: The Computational Perspective

Ongoing Work Presentations:

Guenther H. Filz
Delia Dumitrescu
Karen Marie Hassling

The seminar examines the use of fibre based materials in architecture. During the last decade textiles and fibre-based materials have undergone dramatic development resulting in their use and implementation in host of new contexts. From the extreme scales of geo-textiles to the minute details of bio-textiles, textiles are entering new […]