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Mette Ramsgard Thomsen (CITA) gives lecture on Web-TV

The School of Architecture in Copenhagen and the Danish Architecture Centre DAC are recording their joint lectures. The first result of this cooperation was a triple lecture on the 8th December 2010 on the Future of building materials. CITA head – Professor Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen and doctoral student Anne-Mette Manelius were part of this. Please watch the 20 min lecture of Mette here or follow this link for further videos

Seminar on Design Potentials in Polyester – 23 February 2011

Designskolen Kolding invites to seminar on Design Potentials in Polyester

The seminar is held 23 February 2011 from 1-4 p.m.

KUC Auditory, Ågade 27, DK-6000 Kolding (across the street from Designskolen Kolding)
The basis for this seminar is the research and education at the Designskolen Kolding that in the recent years have been focusing on the functional, aesthetical and sustainable aspects with using the two types of polyester, PET and PLA
The seminar presents three lectures that in different ways show a range of new aspects concerning the design potentials of the two types of polyester.

B.Sc.Eng Textile technology, M.Sc.Eng Design&Innovation Karen Marie Hasling presents […]

Unikabeton selected for Fabricate 2011 publication

The Unikabeton prototype was selected for publication and presentation at the 2011 conference, FABRICATE: making digital architecture ( . The submitted material will be published by Riverside Architectural Press in april 2011 in a book publication featuring selected projects.

The Unikabeton project was selected as 1 of 16 out of 240 submitted projects from 31 countries, with participation of 35 world leading higher educational institutions and 28 international consultancy firms or businesses. I relation to the conference participation, new image material was developed which can be viewed at