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Workshop 4 report

The fourth Digital Crafting Workshop ”Generative logics: How to grow” was held at the Aarhus School of Architecture January 17-18 2011.  Roland Snooks who is partner in Kokkugia and teaches at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and at the University of Southern California (USC) led the two-day workshop. During these days the participants worked with agent-based scripting using the open source software ”Processing”. Discussions and lectures during the workshop related to the question of how designers can use agents-based scripts as a means to explore spatial and formal configuration and how these configurations can relate to material performance and […]

Seminar 4 - Generative Design Thinking


Date: January 19th, 2011


Roland Snooks, Kokkugia
Jan Henrik Hansen,
Christian Derix, Aedas research
Åsmund Gamlesaeter, Aedas research

Generative processes based on algorithmic techniques offers new possibilities to the design process. These techniques enable the exploration of spatial and structural configurations that are inaccessible through traditional architectural design methodologies. Through these design approaches new potentials for informing and specifying architectural space becomes available. At the same time they raise a series of challenges to traditional notions of representation, of authorship, of control of the design intent and outcome.

Seeking out external influences, specific examples, lines of thoughts the seminar discusses the potentials, strategies and […]

Workshop 4 Generative logics : How to grow

Digital crafting workshop 4 Map

Workshop 4 – How to grow

Date: 17.-18. January 2011

The workshop guest is Roland Snooks from Kokkugia
Presentation during workshop by Martin Tamke from CITA

This workshop/seminar will investigate the role of distributed agency within the design process. Algorithmic logic will be used as platform for developing intensive modes of formation. By exploring the structures by which this logic is shaped, the workshop queries how concepts such as generative design and emergence can lead to new models of organization and form in architectural design.

The workshop/seminar focuses on the potential of algorithmic techniques. Through simple rule based systems it is possible to create complex […]