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Unika Beton project on TV

The Danihs Radio broadcasted news from the Unika Beton project. The project is led by Digital Craftin Network members from the Technological Institut and the School of Architecture in Aarhus. A special focus is set on Topology Optimisation and architectural design strategies.

See the news on  Danish Radio

The research is as well illustrated on this site, .

Cut 'n Twist prototype chair wins 1. prize

Cut ‘n twist is a chair prototype. It uses material properties to create structural stability by cutting, folding and braiding flat sheets of plywood. The speed of laser cutting facilitates a feedback loop between 2D drawings and physical models.The chair is not designed as a 3D object, but as a series of planar drawings describing shapes that allows different forms of bending and and twisting. The material and geometrical deformations of the shapes are tested in physical models and adjustments are fed back to the planar drawings.

Cut ‘n Twist is designed and made by Niels Martin Larsen, Claus […]