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Workshop 4: Generative Logics

Date: Autumn semester 2010: 17.-18.01.2011
Venue: Aarhus University School of Architecture

Workshop: How to grow

The workshop investigates now the introduction of a digital platform for design and fabrication introduces a new mathematical depth to the drawing plane. Here, conditional statements, loops and iterations become part of the design language. By exploring the structures by which this logic is shaped, the workshop queries how concepts such as generative design and emergence can lead to new ways of thinking organisation and programme in architectural design.

Plan of events

The planned research events examine the relationship between the encoded and the crafted. The events are organised in respect to three core trajectories examined through the focus on process, technique and theory. The three trajectories: Trajectory I: the ideal of the optimal, Trajectory II: the ideal of the tectonic and Trajectory III: the ideal of the formal present three optics by which digital practice in architecture is understood. By building a critical understanding of these our aim to build a platform from which the relationships, the connections and conflicts, between the particular optics can be understood and discussed.

The three trajectories […]

Seminar 4: the ideal of the formal: Emergence as design strategy

Date: Autumn semester 2010: 19.01.2011
Venue: Aarhus University School of Architecture

The seminar discusses the appearance of new structural principals in the thinking of the organisation of architecture. As the bottom-up logic of emergent systems become embedded into architectural thinking both through the formal design space and its tectonic construction how do we develop new ways of thinking the relationship between the part and the whole? What happens to key architectural strategies for space planning when a new computational underpinning is introduced?