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Seminar 4 - Generative Design Thinking


Date: January 19th, 2011


Roland Snooks, Kokkugia
Jan Henrik Hansen,
Christian Derix, Aedas research
Åsmund Gamlesaeter, Aedas research

Generative processes based on algorithmic techniques offers new possibilities to the design process. These techniques enable the exploration of spatial and structural configurations that are inaccessible through traditional architectural design methodologies. Through these design approaches new potentials for informing and specifying architectural space becomes available. At the same time they raise a series of challenges to traditional notions of representation, of authorship, of control of the design intent and outcome.

Seeking out external influences, specific examples, lines of thoughts the seminar discusses the potentials, strategies and challenges of such algorithmic design approaches.

Seminar programme: Digital Crafting 04

Venue: The workshop takes place at Aarhus School of Architecture – Nørreport 20 – 8000 Århus. Studsgade Auditoriet.

Seminar 4: the ideal of the formal: Emergence as design strategy

Date: Autumn semester 2010: 19.01.2011
Venue: Aarhus University School of Architecture

The seminar discusses the appearance of new structural principals in the thinking of the organisation of architecture. As the bottom-up logic of emergent systems become embedded into architectural thinking both through the formal design space and its tectonic construction how do we develop new ways of thinking the relationship between the part and the whole? What happens to key architectural strategies for space planning when a new computational underpinning is introduced?