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Digital Crafting Events: Seminars

Research events examine the relationship between the encoded and the crafted. Seminar sits at the end of workshops and allow a theoretical framing of the event. The seminar holds talks by the guest researcher, the network participants and other interested parties. The seminar includes presentations of the partners’ and guest researcher’s existing research inquiries, active participation with assignments given up for discussion in focus groups and ends with a reflective discussion in respect to the overall aims and objectives of the Digital Crafting bid.

Seminar 0 – Parametric Design in Practice
Seminar 1 – Parametric Design – Encoded Behaviour
Seminar 2 – The ideal of the tectonic: The tectonics of the joint
Seminar 3 – The ideal of the tectonic: The variable and the mould
Seminar 4 – The ideal of the formal: Emergence as design strategy
Seminar 5 – The ideal of the tectonic